Hospital Name: Ebn-e Sina Hospital

Location: Tehran

Address : Ayatallah Kashani Blv, Sadeqieh Sq, Tehran, Iran


Phone: +98 21 47 900

Fax: +98 21 44 07 07 84


Established: 2008

Ibn-e-Sina medical group company had been established based on its founder successful medical experience in 1993. The founders established the first clinic in Sadeqieh zone from 1973, and due to covering local medical demands & touching their wish “secure and effective treatment with suitable cost and desired quality” among zone 5, capital city Tehran , they decided to construct a specialty hospital, and thus the idea of Ebn-e-Sina hospital came true in 2008.

Educational Therapeutic Center of Ebn-e-Sina with reliable medical services & lab results beside well known professors, along with medical expert team, skillful nurses and the most significant section, sympathetic personnel, proudly has become as the first trustworthy options for health applicants to refer to especially in sickness crisis.

Educational Therapeutic Center of Ebn-e-Sina is hopefully doing his best to prove himself as the most Distinguished worthy center from point of patient satisfaction by serving the utilizing medical update knowledge according to ethical values and offering qualified on-time services Based on Moral Principles Attitude along with planning and scientific management.

We strongly believe on patient satisfaction on the event of GOD satisfactions

Ebne Sina Mission

Ebn-e-Sina Hospital, as a specialty treatment center considered its main mission on patient`s treatment and training by using updated high-tech technology and experienced physicians and staff.

This hospital believes in his outstanding competency from point of satisfying view of Ebn-e-Sina family which consists of patients, doctors, shareholders, colleagues, foreigners and organizations under contract. So it would gain its welcome rated and benefits by presenting on time & qualified services, based on ethical values & Principles of clinical governance and guarantees patient`s security.

EbneSina Vision

In long outlook of specialty Ebn-e-Sina private hospital, vision considered providing secure and effective health care for patients, with appropriate costs, according to international standards.

  1. Islamic and medical ethics
  2. Equity in access to services for all clients
  3. Dignity and human rights
  4. Institutionalization of organizational performance based on knowledge
  5. Services efficiency
  6. Patient safety
  7. Pay attention to stakeholder and service providers satisfaction
  8. Focus on resource maximum productivity



day care






Maternity ward and block

Operating room

Emergency ward