Hospital Name: Gandhi Hotel Hospital

Location: Tehran, Iran

Address: No. 130, South Gandhi Street

Phone number: +98 21 42 60 3000

Direct Phone: +98 21 88 19 65 38

Mobile: +98 912 034 55 96



Established: 2009

Hospital beds: 100

Paraclinics: Medical care and medical equipment, auditory unit, radiotherapy and oncology, nuclear medicine, comprehensive laboratory and medical imaging

Clinics: Orthopedic clinic, urology clinic, ear clinic, nose and throat surgery, nasal plastic surgery, clinic clinics, health clinic, neurology clinic, cardiology clinic, wound clinic and diabetes clinic

Opration rooms: General Surgery, Cardiology and open heart surgery, eye care, obstetrics

Hospital Services: Hotel, restaurants, cafe, grocery store, cosmetics and health products, crafts, urban, Phones and internet, Facilities for visitors exclusive parking lot, bank, suburban and intercity communication services and other comfort and sports services


Gandhi hospital hotel

Gandhi Hotel-Hospital complex, with an area of over 32,000 meters in square, in 22 floors for diagnosis, treatment and accommodations and 11 floors for specialized clinics which have been designed according to the international standards of hotels and hospitals. This is a multifarious department in a 17-story hospital and a 21-story hotel. This Hotel-Hospital was established by a group of specialists in 2009 in order to serve as a leading center in medical and health tourism in Iran.

It has 100 inpatient beds, 40 beds for intensive care, 17 operating rooms and 100 residential suites to accommodate patients and their partners and families. Gandhi health tower, more than being a Hotel-Hospital, offers other complementary health services such as exclusive parking lot, bank, public restaurant, Iranian traditional restaurants, grocery store, cosmetics and health products, crafts, urban, suburban and intercity communication services, and other comfort and sports services. Gandhi Hotel-Hospital equipped with the best and the most accurate medical devices and tools. Moreover, a group of prestigious specialists, professional and trained medical staffs are ready to serve the patients recently.

Nuclear medicine:
The Gandhi hotel hospital has been recognized as the most professional and equipped hospital in the middle east also providing any kinds of nuclear medicine which distinguished medical activities among other hospitals.


  • Accompanying you from airportThe international patients department will accompany the clients from the very moment they set foot in the airport until the last step in which the agents see them off after all diagnostic and therapeutic stages are completed. Special transportation vehicles have been provided for this purpose.
  • Travel plan The international patients department of the Gandhi Hotel-Hospital plans clients’ travel with regard to their preferences. The plan is perfectly designed based on the patients’ time limitations and their medical needs. The plan is designed in a way that the services will be provided in the shortest amount of time and with the highest quality.
  • Online and in person consultation the experts in IPD department are more than ready to guide you and respond to all your questions.
  • Translation and accompanimentIn Gandhi Hotel-Hospital you won’t encounter any communication problem. professional staff, who are fluent in different languages, will accompany you in all treatment stages.
  • Travel tour The aim of the Gandhi Hotel-Hospital is to make the travel for the clients as memorable as possible. Travel agency present in the hospital will plan spectacular tours for the patients. The tours make the travel as enjoyable and as memorable as possible for you.