If you read these lines it is because you are probably in Iran, and you know all the necessary documents to obtain the first visa. If not, see our visa and status information page, and how to apply for a visa for Iran. (click here)
Normally, if you are already in Iran applying for visa extension is not complicated, and can be done in most major cities. The process is simple and you will not be overwhelmed with form to complete. It is unlikely that you will not get the requested extension. But if it's not your lucky day you can fall on a moody official or stay long on the phone to get what you want. But do not panic, such incidents are rare and exceptional.
Some questions that you ask yourself:

Can I extend my Iran visa?

Yes, you can, anyone can get an extension of their visa regardless of their nationality, how and where it was obtained.
Where can I apply?

The application can be made in a police office for immigrants and foreigners in the main cities of the country, Tehran, Isfahan, Tabriz, Yazd, Shiraz, Rasht, Bandar Abbas, etc. ...
Some useful addresses and phone numbers:

Yazd: Abuzar- tel place + 98 35 2183855
Isfahan: Rudaki- tel street +98 31 2184545
Tabriz: El Goli (accessible by metro) - tel + 98 41 33804630
Rasht: Sahrdari-tel square +98 13 2183450

Should we favor a city?

Depending on the city you are in, the result may be different. An office might only issue a restricted extension. An office overwhelmed with requests could be unprofessional. Honestly, we can not advise this or that city.


How many days can my visa be extended?

If your visa application was made outside of Iran, it can be extended twice by 30 days, the total of your stay can not exceed 90 days.
If you have obtained your visa upon arrival in Iran, it can only be done once in 30 days, your stay will be limited to 60 days.
PS. If you ask for a second extension, you will need to have an interview with a police officer, but this is just a simple administrative formality.
How long does the extension request take?

It still depends on the place of your request. In some cases it will take a few minutes and others several hours. To avoid being too close to the deadline of your visa made 2 to 3 days before, and not too early otherwise you will be asked to come back later.
What documents do I need to bring?

You will need to have your passport, 1 copy of the pages filled in your passport, 1copy of your original visa, 2 photos (if you are a woman cover your head), a completed extension request form, and a payment receipt ( Meli bank)
How much does it cost?

It will cost you 350 000 Rials or about 9 € paid to the bank Meli (keep the receipt). You will also have to pay a few insignificant administration fees.

What is the instruction?

Appointment at the police station in the morning, around 8:30 am to avoid waiting too long, ask for an extension form for your visa, fill it with your personal information, the length of the desired extension and the reason. Go to the nearest Meli Bank with the name of the police station and its account number (ask at the address the address of the bank), pay the tax and come back to the police office with the payment receipt and all your documents, and now wait.