Depending on where you are departing from, different companies will have a stopover at the airport of their headquarter. There are also Iranian airlines such as Iran Air and Mahan Air flying from Europe and Asia into Iran, but due to sanctions you can only purchase a ticket with them via their office.

Many are the airlines that land in Iran. You can travel with Qatar Airways, Alitalia and Turkish Airlines, but also Etihad, Thai Airways, Emirates and others land in Iran. Depending on where you are departing from, these companies will have a stopover at the airport of their headquarter, so Doha for Qatar Airways, Rome for Alitalia, etc.
There are Iranian also airlines such as IranAir and MahanAir flying from Europe and Asia into Iran, but due to sanctions you can only purchase a ticket with them via their office.

Iran has several public and private airlines operating.

The oldest is Iran Air.

The majority of the air fleet today consists of old Boeings and rented or used Airbus and Russian-made aircraft like the Tupolevs. United States sanctions unfortunately prevent Iran from purchasing most of the new Western-made aircraft to quickly modernize its older fleet. This has regularly caused many serious incidents.

Iran, however, has begun to build aircraft itself, such as the IRAN-1401.

List of Iranian Airlines

  •     Iran Air
  •     Mahan Air
  •     Iran Aseman Airlines
  •     Kish Airlines
  •     Qeshm Air
  •     Meraj Airlines
  •     Taban Air
  •     Iran Air Tours
  •     Caspian Airlines
  •     Aria Tour
  •     Iranian Air Transport
  •     Saha Airlines
  •     Safiran Airlines
  •     Payam Air
  •     Simorgh Airlines
  •     Taban Airlines
  •     Tara Airlines
  •     Bone Air
  •     Sahand Airlines
  •     Persian Parvaz
  •     Eram Air


Iran Air

Iran Air is the national airline of the Islamic Republic of Iran. With a fleet of thirty aircraft, it serves several destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. It has three subsidiaries, such as Homa Hotel group, a luxury hotel chain. Its head office is located in the city of Tehran.

a brief history of the company: Iran Air was founded in 1944 by a group of private investors. It bought its first DC-3s in 1945, and a first flight between Tehran and Mashhad was then provided. For tourist reasons, the first international flights were to Baghdad and Cairo, then Paris. In 1961, it merged with Pars Airways, a private company, to become United Iranian Airlines. Crashes between 1950 and 1952 led to the nationalization of national air transport by the government ten years later. The new IranAir company buys all the shares of the United Iranian Airlines, as well as its aircraft.
Following the order of several Boeing aircraft during the 1970s, the company offers several European cities by direct flight or stopover. The Islamic Republic was established in Iran in 1979. Less than a year later, the name of the company became the Airline of the Islamic Republic of Iran. It reorganized its international operations in 1979 and reduced foreign destinations. Several domestic and international flights were canceled during the first Iraq war. After US authorities blocked the planned purchase of new units, an arrangement between Iran and the United States in 2006 changed the situation and allowed for a review of Iran Air's fleet.

Loyalty program

To reward its most frequent travelers, Iran Air has set up a loyalty program called "SkyGift". The latter allows passengers to accumulate miles on each flight made with Iran Air, which can be converted into free tickets or excess luggage. The program also includes a higher level called SkyGift Gold, giving access to, among other things, free transportation to Tehran airport. The other members also benefit from various advantages such as, for example, boarding or booking priority.

Onboard restrictions
In a similar fashion to all other Iranian airlines, Iran Air mandates its female passengers and cabin crew to respect the Islamic dress. they should cover their hair and body completely at all times, with a strong emphasis on wearing a headscarf or other forms of Hijab. Even though strictly observed on all domestic flights, this rule is rarely enforced on international flights for the duration of time that passengers are on board the plane.
Food and beverages
Iran Air is one of the few airlines in the world that, pursuant to the rules of Islam, does not serve Alcohol beverages on any of its flights. Moreover, there is not any non-Halal food for selections, such as those containing pork, on Iran Air's menu.

When is the best time to fly to Iran?
Peak season:
The best time to visit Iran is from the middle of April until the middle of June and then towards the end of September through to the beginning of November. Outside of these months the country can be hot or extremely cold. You’ll need to book your flight tickets in advance to secure cheap flights to Iran. Any festivals or events will increase the price of flight tickets.
Off season:
The off season depends slightly on where in Iran you are planning to go however generally December to February is bone-chillingly cold and July to August can easily exceed 40 degrees. Ramadan, a holy Muslim month. is a month that sees almost all restaurants in Iran close of fasting; so avoid this time too unless you want to go hungry.

When is the best time to book a flight to Iran?
Whilst you’ll find the cheapest flights to Iran during the winters or blistering heats of the summer, it’s highly suggested you opt for spring or autumn time where flight tickets are more expensive but your overall experience will be a lot more pleasant. We recommend you to book your cheap flights to Iran around 2 or 3 months before you want to travel or earlier if you can. Being flexible with where in the country you are travelling to and when you are going will help you find the cheapest flights to Iran even during the busier periods of the year.
How long is the flight to Iran?
Flights from London to Tehran, Iran: 6 hours 00 minutes.
Flights from Birmingham to Tehran, Iran: 8 hours 20 minutes.
Flights from Glasgow to Mashhad, Iran: 12 hours 35 minutes.
Flights from Rome to Tehran, Iran: 4 hours 25 minutes.
Flight from Paris to Tehran, Iran: 5 hours 27 minutes.
Flight from Berlin to Tehran, Iran: 4 hours 32 minutes.
Flight from Tokyo Tehran, Iran: 9 hours 54 minutes.

How to get from the airport to the city center in Tehran?
At the airport, there are regular buses that operate to the centre of the city however a taxi is a much more advisable option. You can find taxis directly outside of the airport or you can book one in advance when you’ve booked your flights to Iran. The journey will take about 90 minutes in a taxi. Shuttle buses are also an option which will take you to the nearest metro station. From there you can travel to the city on the metro or other transportation system.