When you are choosing a hotel in Iran, you have a wide range of choices, from guest houses and traditional houses to 1-5 star hotels.

When you are choosing a hotel in Iran, you have a wide range of choices, from guest houses and traditional houses to 1-5 star hotels. There are very luxury and equiped hotels in Iran.
Although there are new hotels in Iran, it should be considered that most of hotels have been operating for a decade at least, so it is better to not expect the newest facilities and technologies in the old ones.
As most of hotel staff know English very well, they will be helpful for you and you won’t have any communication problem.
Since 2014 the number of tourists visiting Iran has increased, but booking hotel via internet is still a problem. While the internet is widely used in Iran, the tourists cannot still book and pay a hotel online through their country, before traveling to Iran. it would be even hard to compare prices online. Reservations are still traditionally made through operators, even if it seems to be online. You can go to hotel personally when you arrive in Iran or you can ask by email to hotel to book it for you. But our recommendation to you is to book hotel through a reliable travel agency. This is the best way of guaranteeing lowest costs all throughout your trip.
Here is some helpful information about hotels in in main cities:

Tehran Hotels:
Tehran is the most important and the largest city of Iran and it has always traffic. Then the location of your hotel is important.
Many of hotels in Tehran are equipped with WiFi, room service, tourist information desk, laundry, etc. most of hotels (3* and upper) have also restaurants for lunch and dinner besides breakfast.

Laleh International Hotel, Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel, Ferdowsi International Grand Hotel , Espinas International Hotel are just some of Tehran hotels.


Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel

Shiraz Hotels:
Most of Shiraz Hotels are in the city center close to tourist locations, unless you prefer to rest in a hotel near a greener district. Several traditional guest houses have also become popular recently. These houses are located in traditional urban structures with it’s our attractions.

Here is some of the Shiraz hotels: Persepolis Hotel, Shiraz Grand Hotel, Aryo Barzan Hotel, Elysee Hotel Shiraz.

Persepolis Hotel
Shiraz Grand Hotel

Isfahan Hotels:
For Isfahan Hotels you have good choices. You can choose to be near tourist attractions and city center or s hotel in a quieter location.

Abbasi Hotel and Kowsar Hotel are two of important hotels of Isfahan.

Abbasi Hotel
Abbasi Hotel
Kowsar Hotel

Yazd Hotels:
Most of Yazd’s hotels are traditional ones that basically were great old houses and have been changed into hotels in the recent years. International Laleh Hotel and Fazeli Traditional Hotel welcome toursits in Yazd.

Fazeli Traditional Hotel


International Laleh Hotel