Yazd is located between Isfahan and Kerman, 689 km (427 miles) south east of capital, Tehran.

Location of Yazd

Yazd is  located between Isfahan and Kerman, 689 km (427 miles) south east of capital, Tehran. Yazd is easily connected to the rest of the country by planes, trains and buses.

Arriving to Yazd by bus

From the bus station of Yazd {GPS 31°52'37.5"N, 054°17'04.0"E}, you can take a local bus to get to the local bus station, then another to the bazaar of Yazd.  Bazaar is in the centre of the town; from there you can find a hotel to reside. 

How to travel From Tehran to Yazd by bus?

There are several bus companies, several departures a day from 7PM, usually takes around 9 or 10 hours. If you want to save time, we suggest you to take a flight from Tehranto Yazd.

How to travel From Shiraz to Yazd by bus?

There are several companies, several departures a day around 6h, VIP ticket around 15-20 kTomans. Prices vary according to the companies.



Arriving to Yazd by airplane

Shahid Ayatollah Sadooghi Airport is an airport in Yazd, Iran. The airport is 10 kilometers away from the city center of Yazd . The Shahid Sadooghi Airport serves also as an important North-South transportation corridor in Iran.

The airport was established in 1970 upon 575 hectares of land. Even though the airport does not have an international status, there are occasional charter flights as well as scheduled passenger services to neighboring countries such as Iraq and Syria. Additionally, the airport provides routine international service to Jeddah and Medina in Saudi Arabia for the annual Hajj season.

Despite operating at 40-50% capacity, a total of 431,500 passengers traveled through Shahid Sadooghi Airport in 2012, making it the 11th busiest airport in Iran in terms of passenger traffic and number of flight operations.

You can buy easily a ticket from Iran Air, Iran Airtour Airline, Iran Aseman Airlines, Iranian Naft Airlines, ATA Airlines (Iran), Kish Air to reach to Yazd.

In Yazd

Most places in this ancient town are within easy walking distance from each other. You can safely visit this ancient town by walking. There are also local buses for traveling around the city to visit the historical places. Taxis are inexpensive and you can take a taxi. Motorcycle taxis are another fast and cheap way to move around the city.

You can find in Yazd the drivers who guide you and take you to desert (camel riding, off road, star watching,...). One night in desert is unique and special experience.

From Yazd, you can trip to Shiraz and visit Persepolis and Pasrgadae. Keraman city is also near to Yazd. If you did not visit Isfahan, dont forget to go from Yazd, it is near and you can visit Aqda and Naein city on the road.

Train Station
In the south of Yazd, the train station offers limited services. Train tickets are more easily purchased at travel agencies.