Once you have decided what places to visit in Iran, you need to plan your domestic travel. The transport network is quite developed in Iran.

Once you have decided what places to visit in Iran, you need to plan your domestic travel.

Transportation in Iran
The transport network is quite developed in Iran.

Inter-city transport

Rapid transit in the cities

Tehran Metro
The Tehran Metro, consisting of five lines that run a total of 170 kilometers (110 mi) with two further lines under construction, is a rapid transit system in this city carrying 3 million passengers a day. It is said that once all nine lines are constructed by 2028, the Tehran metro will have a final length of 430 kilometers (270 mi). Tehran Metro services run from 5:30 to 23:00 throughout the city and the ticket price is 5,000 IRR ($0.17 USD).

Tehran Metro

Tehran Bus Rapid Transit
The Tehran Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is a rapid transit system serving Tehran which was officially launched in 2008. The BRT has a network of over 150 kilometers. It  transports 1.8 million passengers a day. The BRT has a total of nine lines with a further expansion planned to bring the total length to 300 kilometers.

Tehran BRT

Mashhad Urban Railway
The Mashhad Urban Railway (Mashhad Metro) is urban rail line in Mashhad. Its construction on line one commenced in 1999 and was opened on 24 April 2011. Line two is currently under construction in this city. The single line of Mashhad Metro operates from 6:30 to 21:30 daily. It has a daily ridership of 130 000 passengers and has a total length of 24 kilometres (14.9 mi).

Mashhad Urban Railway

Isfahan Metro
The Isfahan Metro is a metro system serving Isfahan city. Construction of line one bagan in 2001 and was finally launched to the public on 15 October 2015. Line one has a total length of 11 kilometers. second East to West line is planning a to serve the city.
Shiraz Metro
The Shiraz Metro is a rapid transit system in Shiraz City. Line one was officially launched on 11 October 2014 whilst its construction has been beginning since 2011. The single line of Shiraz Metro has a length of 10.5 kilometers (6.5 mi) and stops at six stations. Line 2 is currently under construction. The metro currently transports 500 000 passengers with 27 trains in operation.

Isfahan Metro

Tabriz Metro
The Tabriz Metro is a metro system serving the city of Tabriz. The first line was inaugurated on 28 August 2015. It has 7-kilometer length and six stations. There is also a regional commuter line planned to the city of Sahand. Line one runs Northwest from Il Goli Station to Ostad Shahriar Station.

Tabriz Metro

There are agency taxis or "telefon taxi", as the Iranians call it, because they are ordered by telephone, in all the cities. More expensive but comfortable, they can be ordered with the help of the hotel reception or a restaurant.

Recently, some applications are working to transport the passengers; applications like Snapp, which is very famous in Iran, Tabsi, Carpino, etc. With these new application, you can order a taxi online, it is very safe as you can check the car and driver before taking it.



Online application for take a taxi

Bus for traveling between cities
The easiest way to travel to Iran is by bus. If you opt for VIP buses, no worries, these are very comfortable. The seats are reclining, there is enough space and a small meal is offered. Oddly, there is no toilet inside, so do not forget to use toilet the station before you leave. That said, the bus will take a break on the road.
There is no need to book several days in advance, except on holidays. Reservation is at the bus station.
The bus companies serve the whole country. There is about 20 bus company (Iran Peima, Peike Saba, Royal Safar-VIP, Hamsafar, RAJA, Seir o Safar ...).

Prices are particularly competitive. The buses are comfortable and the main roads just as much. Buses are divided into two categories: The Volvo and the Mercedes. The former are more comfortable and faster.

The buses are very comfortable, with real reclining seats. For long trips, a small cold drink and a packed lunch are always included in the VIPs service.

For a one-way Tehran-Isfahan, count 6h, for Shiraz 7h30, for Tabriz 9h, and for Yazd 6h. In Tehran, departures take place either at the Tehran Rail station or at Tehran Beihaghi Terminal or Argentin Terminal. You can take your tickets in advance, especially if you are traveling in high season.

Few signs indicate the buses, but the retreaters proclaim loud and clear the destinations: have them check that you are taking the right vehicle. Do not hesitate to ask other travelers to help you, the Iranians are very helpful.

There are also minibuses, less comfortable, but practical enough for short journeys.

Provincial bus stations are often off-center, take a taxi to get to your hotel.

Several rail lines link the major cities of the country. The train is a good way to understand the immensity of the country. The country has 7,000 km of railway tracks. A good surprise. Traveling by train is a bit more expensive than the bus, but it's still very nice.
There are at least two different classes and prices. The first class is of course the most comfortable and the most expensive.
Do not miss this experience, especially if you like to travel by train.

Attention, you can not buy your ticket online, as for the bus, you will have to go buy it at the station or at a travel agency.

The country is a great place to visit.
in Iran is by plane. Iranian airlines IranAir and Mahan Air cover many routes.
Domestic flights are cheap. And for a short stay, this can really save you a lot of time. Afterwards, I do not hide from you that yes, air safety is not the strong point of the country.
Since Iran is still under sanctions, you can not book the flights through the
airlines' websites. Buy your ticket with a travel agency. You will not be able to use your credit card online. To view prices and schedules, use the site Alibaba.ir, and use the Google translation function.