El Gölü, also known as Shah Gölü is the name of a large park in Tabriz, Iran. It has a square artificial lake surrounded by side walk in four sides.

It was formerly called Shah Goli Park.
The El-Goli Park or El-Gölü (Bâgh-Melli) is the most famous public garden in Tabriz. It is not very close, it is 4 km to the southeast end of the city. We take a taxi that we stop on the avenue in front of the hotel, and we find ourselves ... in the traffic jams. Luckily, with the taxis the price is negotiated before going in, there is no counter.

It is a superb park surrounded by a quadrangular artificial lake in the middle of which an island, where a Safavid-style pavilion was rebuilt in 1970, the Talar-e Bozarg El-Goli restaurant. The lake is surrounded by parks and restaurants.
In summer, El-Goli Park is a beautiful place to visit. People come for jogging, exercising and playing team sports. On the hill there is a large green area where boys and girls play sports in the morning. In the afternoon, the neighborhood is full of families who come there to have fun at night.

In winter the climate is quite cold ...

There is a hotel about 10 minutes walk away, the Hotel Pars.

El-Goli was originally a village on the outskirts of Tabriz, and with the advancement and urbanization of Tabriz, it was gradually absorbed by the city. The lake was to provide the villagers with a source of water to irrigate their fields. The village is today considered simply a small neighborhood within the big city.

The early history of the El-Gölü is not clear. However, it seems that the lake originally was used as a water resource for agricultural purposes. In old times. there was an artificial island with a small palace in the middle of the lake which was used as royal summer palace during the Qajar dynasty (when Tabriz was the official residence of the Prince of Iran). During 2nd Pahlavi's the palace was reconstructed and a pass-way was built to connect the island to the sidewalks around the lake, constructed in Karakoyunlu period 1485 AD.