The cuisine of Iran is diverse, each province having its own food as well as its culinary styles and traditions, distinct according to their regions.

Local foods of Shiraz
Kabab with rice: like elsewhere in Iran, the mighty old kebab with rice is a common food in Shiraz, though Shiraz does offer a local variation on the national dish.
Kalam polo: This is a traditional food of Shiraz. Some delivery food restaurants serve Kalam Polo but it can be hard to find in normal restaurants. It is a dish made of Rice, meat balls, chopped cabbage and some other vegetables and spices.
Shirazi Salad: A delicious and famous salad available throughout Iran, made with cucumbers, tomatoes, onions and a simple lemon juice and olive oil dressing.

Ash shirazi: It is a kind of soup made of vegetables and meat and It is served all over the city specially early in the morning. People eat this for breakfast. But please note that it's only served really early in the morning, from roughly 5 to 7 a.m.

Masghati Halva: a great dessert and snack. It is a Persian sweet made basically from starch

Nokhod(Chickpea) Cookie: delicious cookie made of chickpeas which is one of Shiraz's souvenirs.

Shirazi Paloodeh: Paloodeh or Faloodeh is an ice cream made of rice starch, which takes the form of noodles. It is flavored with sugar water called  "sharbat" , which can be of different flavors. Shirazian paloodeh is the best paloodeh in Iran especially when mixed with Bahar-e-Naranj liquor.

Ash Shiazi



In shiraz, like other Irranian cities, there ae various restaurents. Almost all of these places have Live music playing. here is some of them:

Haft khan: buffet and classic restaurant, there are Iranian and international cuisine
Kohan: classic Iranian and international cuisine
Qavam: traditional Iranian cuisine
Lotus Restaurant, on the 13th floor of Pars International Hotel
Soofi Restaurant a traditional restaurant located at Sattarkhan St.
Ojagh Bashi : a branch of Turkish meals located at Sattarkhan St.
Hammam-e-Vakil: classic old style restaurant
Shandiz Restaurant
Gambron SeaFood Restaurant: serving famous food from the whole of Persian gulf
Dragon: Chinese Food
Zeytoon , Classic restaurant, Iranian restaurant.
Shater abbas: Traditional Iranian restaurant.

Fast Food
You can find at least one fast food in every Street of Shiraz.

You can find coffee shops at shopping centres and on the main streets. Some are big and some are small. Here aresome coffee shops in Shiraz that you can enjoy:

Chill cafe is an awesome hangout spot with a nice selection and decent prices. Very friendly, English speaking staff, English menu, decent prices and free Wi-Fi. Open from 12 PM to 11:00 PM. They have some food for lunch like pasta , a eggplant chicken crepe , Meat Mushroom and ... . it is locate in Hedayat street next to 8 lane. Try their herbal drinks , Soft drink.

Ferdowsi is also an awesome hangout spot with a nice selection, decent prices. Very friendly, English speaking staff, English menu, decent prices and free Wi-Fi. Open from 9 AM to 11:00 PM .

Blensi, Wafi , Parmin , Tulip , Cafe Inn are also an example of coffee shops.

Food Gardens
There are a lot of gardens out of Shiraz, most have been remodeled as restaurants. Most have live music playing in the evenings and offer great view.

Nakhlestan Garden, Padra Garden, Darband Garden, Silvia Garden are some of these food Gardens.