In winter, many mountains of Iran are covered with snow and offer great opportunities for skiing and hiking.

Iran is as large as 2.5x France and currently has more than 15 stations spread throughout its territory. In winter the many mountains of the country are covered with snow and offer great opportunities for skiing and hiking.

Today, I would like this article to introduce you to the 3 most southern ski resorts in the country: Pooladkaf, Chelgerd and Fereydunshahr.

Because skiing in the small resorts in the South of Iran, this is the unique opportunity to get off the beaten track, to meet the locals and share with them beautiful moments around a common passion for the ski and mountain.

Pooladkaf Station

Pooladkaf is the southernmost resort in Iran. Less than 200 kilometers separates the resort from the Persian Gulf, from where it is possible to swim almost all year round.

Acquired in the 2000s by an industrial group, the station is now among the 5 largest in Iran. Equipped with a ski lift and gondola, the resort also offers a wide range of activities such as skiing, snowmobiling, a hotel, restaurants and horseback / mountain bike rides during the summer.

Its proximity to the city of Shiraz (80 km) allows to combine the pleasures of the mountain with many cultural visits. To get to the station, it is recommended to take a taxi from the cities of Shiraz or Yasuj (about $ 20).




Chelgerd Station

Chelgerd is a small village lost in the mountains of Zagros. From the city of Isfahan, one of the most visited cities in the country, it takes 2-3 hours by minibus or taxi.

The area is very touristy and many city dwellers come here to take the air and practice outdoor activities. There are many tourist attractions such as the Kuhrang tunnel, an ice cave or the small village of Sar Aqa Seyyed.
The station is very small and equipped with two lifts giving access to a single blue runway. The package is the cheapest in the country. The asset of this resort is mainly in the many possibilities offered by the region for the practice of ski touring.

You will find hotels to lodge and all the necessary shops to eat and refuel.

Fereydunshahr Station

The city of Fereydunshahr is one of a kind: Here the locals speak Georgian ... it is located in the middle of the mountain range of Zagros and as improbable as it may seem, lives here a community originating from Georgia.

The area is known to be very cold in winter, with heavy snowfall. The small station located a few kilometers from the city is equipped with a ski lift, a telecorde and a small chairlift allowing access to a zip line.

From the summit of the station (3,050m), many small off-piste all the more friendly than the others are accessible. The potential for ski touring is also very important in the surrounding area.

You will find everything you need in the city of Fereydunshahr: hotels, restaurants, shops. It is also possible to sleep in the main building located at the foot of the slopes for about $ 20.