The Akhlamad Waterfall in Chenaran, 85 km northwest of Mashhad, consists of two waterfalls over 85 m high. These waterfalls are one of the old natural attractions of the region, in the heart of a valley of Mount Binaloud. The valley also has an astonishing variety of flowers, plants and fruit trees. This valley has several other perpetual and seasonal waterfalls, as well as rocky walls like Sefid (white), Oghab (eagle) high and suitable for climbing and mountain sports. The dam and the Akhlamad cave are other attractions of this region that attract many travelers each year.
Located 10 km southwest of Kalat-e Naderi, the Ghareh Sou waterfall is one of the beautiful natural attractions of the region. It includes eight waterfalls between which metal ladders have been fixed to allow to climb to their summit.


The waterfall of Bar, near the city of the same name located in the valleys of the Binaloud mountains, 55 km north-west of Neyshabour, flows from the top of a mountain into walnut groves. Her beauty is due in particular to her descent in stages.

The Darreh Al waterfall is located in the tourist village of Al, 45 km northeast of Mashhad, in the Kardeh Valley, embellished by five seasonal waterfalls. The source of Darreh Al's waterfall is the Hezar Masjed Mountains.

The hot spring of Khalilabad, 240 km southwest of Mashhad, with a temperature of 25 ° C, is said to be particularly beneficial for dermatological and rheumatologic diseases. This spring is located in a beautiful forest area and attracts a significant number of tourists every year.

The Shahr-e Kohneh Hot Spring, also famous for its healing, is located 18 km west of Ghuchan and 6 km from the Mausoleum of Imamzadeh Soltan Ebrahim. The city of Ghuchan itself is a city dating back to around 250 BC. J.-C., located near the remains of the first capital of the Parthians.


Baghroud is a beautiful area 12 km north of Neyshabour. It consists mainly of a valley in the middle of which runs a river, while its surroundings are covered with forests and orchards.

The region of Shir Ahmad, 5 km southeast of Sabzevar, has a dry and desert climate. It contains a rich fauna, including 15 species of crocodiles, 11 species of snakes, as well as many birds. The Kalshour River draws the northern boundary of the area. At the origin of small ecosystems, this river is a refuge for several species of birds and aquatic animals.

The Mazdavand cave, 95 km from the Mashhad-Sarakhs road, is one of the oldest caves in Khorasan. The cave, which extends for one kilometer, is covered with columns of lime resembling stalagmites. The age of this natural attraction is estimated in the second millennium BC.

The Sabz fountain (green), located 15 km from the city of Chenaran and 60 km west of Mashhad, is at the foot of the Binaloud Mountains. The cold climate of this region makes it a pleasant place during warm seasons.

The Sistan Valley is one of the most beautiful regions of the province. Comprising no less than 32 waterfalls, it is located in the heights of Hezar Masjed. The Idalik River passes through this forest valley.

The Haft Ghar Valley (Seven Caves) is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Neyshabour and leads to a fountain. The red color of the earth offers a special glow to this region with a moderate climate, and particularly popular with tourists in the hot season.