Savad-kouh, located in the north of Iran, in the south of Mazandaran province, covers an area of ​​2441 square kilometers.

Savad-kouh, located in the north of Iran, in the south of Mazandaran province, covers an area of ​​2441 square kilometers. This small town adjoins, in the north, the city of Ghaem-Shahr, Firouz-Kouh in the south, Babol in the west, and Sari, the chief town of the region, in the east. It comprises four cities: Pol-e-sefid, Zirab, Shirgah and Alasht; but also, many villages. Pol-e-sefid is located in the center of Savad-kouh. At a distance of 55 km from Ghaem-Shahr, 65 km from Firouz-kouh, Savad-kouh passes for a mountainous region of central Alborz.

The climate and the land are conducive to agriculture, and especially to the breeding of domestic animals. Formerly, Savad-kouh was an industrial city rich in coal mines. But currently animal husbandry is the main activity of the inhabitants of the city. The inhabitants of the region find their main resources in the forest.

The ancient region of Savad-kuh was dominated by Espahbodan and their king, Moluk-ol Djebal.


Tourist attractions of Savad Kuh


The tower of Ladjim

This tower is located southeast of Zirab, on the road from Savad-kouh to Ghaem-Shahr, in a forest area near the village of Ladjim. This historical monument dates from the 5th century Solar Hejri calendar. It catches the eye by its astonishing architecture.


The tower of Ladjim



The bridge of Veresk

This bridge is one of the most extraordinary buildings in the world. It connects, by rail, the capital of Iran, Tehran, to the north of country; this bridge was built in the 14th century, on the Veresk Valley, at an altitude of 110 m; its arch is 16 m in diameter, and its length is 73 m. It should be noted that this bridge was called "the bridge of triumph" during the Second World War.

Veresk Bridge



Seh khat tala (Three lines of gold)

The railway "Seh khat tala", rich in bridges and tunnels, is located 3 km from the village Veresk, around Gadouk.



Seh khat tala

Shourmast Lake

This lake is the only natural lake in the Savad-kouh region. Spread over 15,000 square meters, Shourmast Lake is located 5 km from the town of Pol-Sefid. It is surrounded by some vegetation rich in trees, and offers a magnificent panorama.

If you decide to make the Tehran-Sari trip by train, you should choose the 9:20 am train. Passing the "three golden lines", you will arrive at the Veresk bridge at 13:40 (250 km from Tehran and 100 km from Sari). You will pass the bridge of Veresk and arrive in the region of Savad-kouh; this picturesque landscape sees spring bloom the most beautiful butterflies in the world. Throughout the meadows or in the forest, spring carries the smell of the rain, and the drizzle, which is positively posed on your face, and transports you, inside this "paradise lost" so neglected, though near us, in Iran.

Shourmast Lake