The rural heritage museum is located in Guilan .

The rural heritage museum is located in Guilan . Unique in the Middle East, this museum is located in Saravan Forest Park (on the Rasht-Tehran Road) and covers an area of ​​almost 200 hectares. This project was established thanks to the collaboration of the Department of Heritage and Architecture of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, the University of Aix en Provence, the Ecomuseum of Alsace, and under the patronage of UNESCO. Preliminary studies and explorations of this project began in mid-2002. Complementary and specialized research was completed in early 2005. To date, three sets of rural houses comprising 14 structures have been reconstructed according to cultural specificities and architectural styles of eastern Gilan. Five housing estates in eastern Gilan and two others from the western Gilan Plain were acquired for relocation and transfer to the museum site for replenishment. It is planned to integrate on the museum site, two hotel complexes of 150 units whose buildings will be inspired by the different architectural styles of the region.

The visitors of the Rural Museum are plunged into a genuine world of customs and traditions and have the opportunity to sightsee and explore rural living environment. The vernacular architecture, the local artistic manifestation such as handicraft and a wide range of traditions are exposed lively, in an authentic surrounding in the Rural Museum. 

The site design provides a special location for:

Entertainment (traditional performances and games of Gilan, a children's play garden, tea rooms and traditional restaurants, a leisure park).

The development of local resources (medicinal plants and tree species of the region, a daily market, a local handicraft workshop, rice fields and tea fields). Research and information (rural architecture in the world and a research center in architecture and anthropology).

Specialists, researchers and architects to the museum site will forward additional information regarding the development and progress of this project at a later date.