Delijan is a city in the province of Markazi in Iran. The city is 409 km from Tehran. Delijan is an industrial town and is home to several popular carpet companies like the Mahestan, Setareh Talaii and Said companies.

Delijan is a city in the province of Markazi in Iran. The city is 409 km from Tehran. We cross the city traveling from Qom to Esfahan. Delijan is an industrial city, with a few small factories and carpet manufacturers, like Mahestan Setareh Talaii.
Important sites

The important natural, historical and religious monuments of the city are:


  •      The lake and dam of Khordad;
  •      The cave of Chaal Nakhjir and Kohak;
  •      The historic village of Dodehak;
  •      Naragh Bazaar;
  •      The Great Mosque of Naragh;
  •      Imamzadehs of Shahzadeh Eshagh, Ownebn Ali, Shahzadeh Yahya, Hasrat Masoume'h, Ghar Sirjavan, and Aghasha Bobol.


Chal Nakhjir Cave


26 years ago in the mountains near the town of Delijan in Markazi province, a group of workers used explosives during irrigation works. These explosions led to the exploration of one of Iran's most fascinating limestone caves. Cal Nakhjir is the name of the area that surrounds the cave, and means "hunting ground"
Chal Nakhir cave is about 70 million years old and has three different floors. It is a humid and horizontal cave which is a particular geological case, mainly formed of limestone. It is for this reason that the rocks and structures are white in places, stained yellow in the presence of sulfur, black for iron, green for copper, red for mercury. The important point is that this geological activity is still going on.
Obvious traces show that the water has flowed into this cave which is dried because of the changing climate. At the end of the cave there is a lake of 400 square meters and 70 meters deep. The structures that have been formed for millions of years have taken amazing forms.


Chal Nakhjir Cave